What is a retreat?

Retreats can be for individuals or small groups. The number in a group may be limited by the accommodation available.

A retreat is a purposeful time away from your normal routines, so that you can reflect in ‘head and heart’ upon the deeper issues of your life. A retreat is aimed at refreshment of body, soul and spirit. A guided retreat contributes to a person’s inner health and strength. A retreat includes times of one-on-one conversation with the retreat leader, some reading, connection with nature, lots of opportunity for quiet contemplation, relaxing time in the outdoors, good meals and rest.

The retreats at Fernbrook Lodge are non-intrusive. Retreatants are invited to participate in conversation, reflection and daily routines. However, nothing is obligatory. All retreatants are free to choose which aspects of the suggested daily activities they wish to participate in. At the beginning of the retreat the retreatant and the retreat leader will decide together on the programme from a range of possibilities.

Contemplation is an ancient spiritual discipline found in Christianity as well as other religious traditions. The Christian contemplative tradition introduces us to the art of being still, attentive to one’s surroundings, to one’s inner life and listening to the still small voice within. Because a retreat at Fernbrook Lodge can be geared to the individual, those who have never been on a contemplative retreat before will be offered some simple suggestions on how to approach this experience which is part of a daily routine. Contemplation is a creative, inspiring and non-threatening way to focus one’s attention on that which is real and meaningful.