What to Expect

Although every retreat is individually designed in conversation between the retreatant and the Retreat Leader, the normal retreat experience offers the following:

  • that you will be treated with respect and professionalism
  • total confidentiality regarding everything shared during a retreat will be observed
  • some scheduled times for one-on-one conversation twice a day
  • quiet periods each day for personal reading, connecting with nature, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings as well as personal reflection
  • the opportunity for creative artistic expression with a range of materials
  • the opportunity for some physical work and contribution to the centre’s life – such as gardening, collecting eggs and feeding the hens, weeding the vegetable patch, or cooking
  • your own private queen suite with ensuite, heating, electric blankets, linen, table and chairs, tea/coffee making facilities, TV with DVD player and everything provided for your comfort
  • some totally free time for exploring the attractions of this beautiful part of the country such as the many waterfalls, forest walks and photographic landscapes (visit Dorrigo.com)
  • rest periods, which for those on a restorative retreat, may be longer if needed
  • unless a group comes to a retreat together, you would be either the only person on retreat at the time or, at most, sharing the public times and spaces with just one other retreatant
  • good food (espresso coffee available if desired), laughter, relaxation, the chance to breathe deeply in the country air and return home with renewed energy